Quality Driving Lessons In Bromley

Welcome to the NorthernOpen MRI website.  We are the number one destination for driving lessons in Bromley when it comes to automatic driving lessons.  We have been in operation since 2003, and pride ourselves him being fully independent.  Unlike a franchise driving school, we provide good quality driving instruction and driving lessons in Bromley for a reasonable price.

success in driving lessons in bromleyLearning to drive is like riding a bike.  For some people you can come quite naturally.  For other people, it can take longer and be more difficult.  If you have tried driving a car in the past and has failed, this can be heartbreaking.  It can feel as if you’re never going to get it.  No matter how hard you try, it feels as if it is impossible to learn.  Well, there is an answer and the solution to this.  The answer may be the solution to your problem.  It’s quite simple!  Automatic driving lessons.  With an automatic car you have far less to think about.  It’s almost as easy as driving a go kart.  You only have to deal with two pedals rather than the three in the Manual car.  This means you are less focused on controlling the car itself, and more focused on what is going on around you.

The challenges of driving lessons in Bromley

If you have taken driving lessons in Bromley or in its surrounding areas, you’ll know there is a lot to think about.  You have to deal with many things at once which is distracting enough.  Add to that all the other things that go on in the roads such as, other cars, pedestrians, buses etc.  It soon becomes quite overwhelming.
Thankfully, this becomes a lot easier when driving an automatic car.  It’s as if someone has waved a magic wand and magically make driving a whole lot more fun.  You’ll be free to focus on what needs to be done outside the the car.  As you all know Bromley is blessed with many straight, long and quiet roads.  These kind of roads are ideal for any new beginner.  Once you are confident with the basics, you will be ready to tackle the busy roads.
These are mainly include high street driving, roundabouts, dual carriageways and maybe even some country roads.  The selection of roads can be quite diverse in this area.  Therefore it is a great idea to prepare yourself properly before going for your driving test in the Bromley area.  Because we have been teaching people to drive and providing driving tuition in Bromley for over a decade, we have plenty of experience with the driving test.  We have been around the block, and taught hundreds of people to successfully pass their test.

How to get started
In order to start of the having lessons, your first need to apply for provisional licence.  The provisional licences handed out by the DVLA.  You can get an application form from your local post office.  You can apply for provisional from the age of 16.  However, you cannot learn to drive a car until you’re 17 years old.  You may be wondering why you can apply for a licence at 16, yet not take lessons until you’re 17.  The reason is because sure allowed to ride a moped legally at the age of 16.  But only allowed to take driving lessons at the age of 17 years old.  Once you have received your provisional licence, and are above the required age, you’re ready to go.

What can you expect
On your first lesson, you’ll be introduced to the controls of a car.  You’ll also be introduced to something called the cockpit drill.  The cockpit drill is a set of procedures carried out before you start a car.  After that, the hard work begins.  You’ll be showing the basics of driving such as left and right turns.  After you’ve mastered the basics, and you feel confident enough, you will begin dealing with main roads.  Although driving an automatic car is easier in principle, you’ll still need dedication and patients.  Nothing is worth having, if it is not worth striving for.  Please note: we do not provide Manual driving lessons.  For Manual driving lessons in Bromley, we recommend our partners at EL’s Driving School.

special offer for driving lessonsSo if you are ready to take driving lessons in Bromley or the surrounding areas, or would like to find out about our prices, please feel free to contact us.